St. Hilary’s Foundation

The St. Hilary’s Foundation was established by the Old Hilarians’ Association by an Act of Parliament (Act no.16 of 1985).

The purpose of the foundation is

1.       To provide facilities for the instruction in creative arts, sports and recreation. Including the hiring of teachers, coaches and auxiliary personnel and the supply of the necessary instruments or equipment.

2.        By financing or assisting in financing, improvements to the School premises.

3.       Where in the opinion of the board of management of the School additional staff, whether teaching or non-teaching, is required for the better day-to-day operation and management of the School, by supplying funds to be applied to paying the salaries of such staff.

4.       By assisting needy pupils to equip themselves to participate fully in the life of the school.

5.       By establishing a scheme whereby members of staff of the School, or former members of staff, may be provided with superannuation benefits, whether by the way of lump-sum payment otherwise in respect of service of the school, where such benefits are not otherwise provided.

6.       By arranging for further or additional training for members of stuff where such training is desirable for the improvement of the opportunities available to the pupils of the School.

7.       By assisting in the liquidation of financial obligations incurred in maintaining and operating the School where such obligations do not fall to be liquidated by this state or other agency.

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