S.H.I.P.’s Food Drive

The S.H.I.P. Committee seeks to provide assistance to students who have been identified to be in need thereby ensuring that such students can participate fully in their day-to-day life at Bishop Anstey High School. You can read more about S.H.I.P. here: http://oldhilarians.com/donate/

The Committee has realised that the families of the students on the Programme would require assistance with respect to food items, especially during the August holidays.  Hence the Food Drive.  We have identified staple food items which would actually be used by the families and are listed below:

1:   5 lb. bag of rice

1:   5 lb. bag of flour

2:   packs of pasta (any type)

2:   packs of dried peas (lentils, pigeon peas, red beans)  NOT CANNED

1:   pack of salt

1:   5 lb. pack of sugar

1:   tin of Milo/Quik/Chocolisto OR I box of tea

1:   bottle of oil (500 ml or 1 L)

1:   6 pack of toilet paper

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and deodorant

Sanitary Napkins

6:   cans of tuna OR corned beef OR Vienna sausages (canned meat)

1:   1000 g pack of powdered milk

2:   tins/boxes of juice

Each child on the Programme will be given a hamper consisting the above.

We do not envisage that the status quo would be ‘never-ending’ but we plan to be able to provide for three to six (3-6) months at the start and evaluate regularly.

In that light, we have approached the alumnae, both local and abroad.

Foodstuff can be taken to the School’s office on Keate Street, Port of Spain.  The Secretary, Mrs. James would be more than willing to assist and accept your donations.

Monitory donations can be deposited/wired to the S.H.I.P. Bank account at Republic Bank, Independence Square, Account Number – 150496953501.  Should any donor require a receipt for their contribution, kindly submit a copy of the relevant deposit slip to the following email address:



We thank you for your support.


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