Rules Of The OHA

1. Name – The name of the Association is the Old Hilarians’ Association.2. Purpose – The Association is established for the following purposes:

  1. To afford to its members the means of social intercourse, mutual helpfulness, mental and moral improvement and rational recreation.
  2. To render all assistance within the power of its members to the Bishop Anstey High School (St. Hilary’s).
  3. To promote and assist social welfare work, more particularly in relation to pupils and ex-pupils of the school.

3. Patron – The patron of the Association is his Lordship, the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago.

4. Membership – The Association has three classes of members:

  1. Ordinary members – past pupils of Bishop Anstey High School (formerly Bishop’s High School (St. Hilary’s) hereinafter referred as “the School”) who are admitted to membership on payment of the requisite annual fee of TT$100.00 (amended from TT$25.00 in April 2006 by the Executive Committee).Past pupils who graduated from the School up to one (1) year before admission to membership pay a discounted requisite fee of TT$25.00 for the first year of membership (amendment added in April 2006 by the Executive Committee).
  2. Life Members – ordinary members or persons eligible to be ordinary members who pay the prescribed one-time life membership fee of TT$500.00 (amended from TT$200.00 in April 2006 by the Executive Committee).
  3. Honorary members – persons who are not eligible to be ordinary members but who are admitted to membership on the invitation of the Executive Committee. Honorary members pay no fees but are entitled to all the rights and privileges of ordinary members except hold office.

5. Membership Fees – The Association’s membership fees are as follows:

    1. Ordinary members: TT$100.00 per annum (TT$25.00 for the first year for past pupils who graduated up to one (1) year prior).
    2. Life members: TT$500.00 (one time only).

Cheque payments of membership fees are to be forwarded to:

The Old Hilarians’ Association
c/o Bishop Anstey High School
2A Chancery Lane
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago
West Indies

6. Executive Committee

  1. An Executive Committee is to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. It is responsible for managing the Association and regulating its operation.
  2. The Executive Committee comprises:
    1. The Honorary Secretary
    2. The Honorary Treasurer
    3. The Principal of the School
    4. Seven other members, one of whom shall be elected President and another Vice President.
  3. At least two members of the Executive Committee must have served on the Committee immediately preceding.
  4. The Honorary Secretary shall call the first meeting of the Executive Committee within fourteen (14) days of the Annual General Meeting. At this meeting, the Executive Committee shall elect from its members a President, Vice President and Assistant Secretary.

7. Officers – The Officers of the Association are:

  1. The President
  2. The Vice President
  3. The Principal of the School
  4. The Honorary Secretary
  5. The Honorary Treasurer

8. Standing Committees

  1. In addition to the Executive Committee, the following Standing Committees shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting at the discretion of the President:
    1. The Fund Raising Committee, which is charged with planning and organising fund-raising activities.
    2. The Programme Committee, which is charged with preparing programmes for the intellectual upliftment or entertainment of members.
    3. The School Committee, which is to liaise with the Principal and her staff for the purposes of:
      1. rendering assistance to any member of the school community in need of assistance;
      2. assessing the needs of the School in order to identify areas in which the association can be of assistance.

      The Principal must appoint one member of the teaching staff of the School to serve as School Representative on the School Committee.

  2. Ad hoc Committees may be appointed by the Executive Committee as may be considered necessary.
  3. Standing Committees and ad hoc Committees are to present written reports to the Executive Committee at times determined by the Executive Committee.

9. Annual General Meetings

  1. The Annual General Meeting of the Association is to be held no later than the 30th of April each calendar year.
  2. The business of the Annual General Meeting is:
    1. To elect the Executive Committee every two (2) years (amendment added in April 2006 by the Executive Committee);
    2. To present an audited statement of accounts and a full financial report of the Association showing total assets and liabilities for the financial year immediately preceding;
    3. To report comprehensively on the activities of the Association;
    4. To appoint an Auditor;
    5. Other business.
  3. Election of Committee members at the Annual General Meeting is by secret ballot.
  4. Notification of the Annual General Meeting is by publication in the daily newspapers at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting.
  5. The quorum for the Annual General Meeting is twenty members, one of whom must be the President, the Vice President or the Principal of the School.

10. Candidates for Election and Voting at Annual General Meetings – Only members whose membership subscription is not in arrears may vote at the Annual General Meeting or be candidates for election to the Executive Committee.

11. Executive Committee Meetings – Only members who have consented to stand for election to the Executive Committee may be proposed as candidates thereof.

  1. The Executive Committee is to meet at least once every month.
  2. The quorum for an Executive Committee meeting is four Executive Committee members.
  3. The Executive shall declare a member’s seat vacant where said member fails to attend three (3) consecutive meetings without the approval of the Executive or where it is deemed necessary for the efficient running of the Association.
  4. In the event of either the resignation or death of an Executive Committee member or the creation of a vacancy under clause 11 (3), the Executive shall appoint a new member to fill said vacancy. This process shall begin with the nominee who was the runner-up, in number of votes, at the previous Annual General Meeting. This member shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting of the Association.

12. Special General Meetings – A Special General Meeting shall be called:

  1. Where, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, circumstances warrant it; or
  2. Where, on a written requisition of not less than fourteen members addressed to the Honorary Secretary, such a meeting is called for; the requisition shall state the reasons for requiring the convening of the meeting.

Notification of a Special General Meeting shall be in writing or published in a daily newspaper, at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting.

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