OHA Scholarship Programme 2019-2020

Old Hilarians’ Association Scholarship Programme

The Old Hilarians’ Association (OHA) is pleased to introduce the    
Old Hilarians’ Association’s Scholarship Programme.     

Through the formation of the OHA Scholarship Fund, initially one(1) student scholarship will be awarded in 2019 with the introduction of two (2)  new student scholarships and the first alumni scholarship in 2020. These scholarships will be awarded annually to Students and Alumni of Bishop Anstey High School (BAHS).  The OHA Scholarship fund is being established not only as a meaningful source of financial support but also to promote the academic, artistic, physical and personal growth of BAHS students and Alumni. The funds that support these awards will be raised entirely by the OHA through membership donations, event proceeds and gifts. These scholarships are as follows:

Entry Student Scholarship (Legacy Award)

For each September School Term, the OHA will award one (1) renewable scholarship to an incoming form one (1) student.  The initial scholarship award will be based on evidence of superior academic achievement in the SEA examination, participation in extra-curricular activities and legacy status defined as having a parent, stepparent, legal guardian or grandparent that graduated from Bishop Anstey High School.  The scholarship recipient will be chosen by the OHA Executive or any committee created by the OHA Executive for this purpose. 

The legacy status of the student will be verified by the OHA Alumni Relations Officer.  The selection of this scholarship is expected to be highly competitive.

Entry Student Scholarship 

Same as Entry Student Scholarship (Legacy Award) above, however, no Legacy Status will be required. 

One-Time Continuing Student Scholarship (Sixth Form Entry Students)

This scholarship will competitively be awarded based on exceptional scholastic ability byway of Overall Outstanding Achievement in the CSEC Examination.

The candidate must attain Grade I, at General or Technical Proficiency, in at least EIGHT subjects taken at a single sitting.

The Student must also be enrolled at BAHS for at least two full academic years prior.

The selection of this scholarship is expected to be highly competitive.

Old Hilarians’ Association Scholarship Programme 2019-2020

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