Many of you often inquire as to how you can contribute to the school. Purchasing tickets to the Annual Fete, attending the annual bazaar, as well as, participation in other fundraising events hosted by the School, Parent Support Group, Association and other groups, are just some ways that you can contribute to the school during the year. There are however, two funds in particular that are most in need of cash contributions. These programmes are ongoing and are always in need of funding. We therefore encourage you to contribute monthly or annually to these worthwhile causes. Just $50 per month can go a long way.

Contributions can be made directly to the relevant account or cheques/money orders can be sent to the school address:

Bishop Anstey High School
2A Chancery Lane, Port of Spain




SHIP is a committee of Bishop Anstey High School. This initiative seeks to provide financially underprivileged students of our school with much needed support. Students of the programme are provided with personal items, meals, uniforms, books and medical assistance, if needed. In some cases, money for transportation and tutoring is also provided.
Additionally, SHIP hosts an annual Christmas luncheon for the students where they are treated to a catered meal and given Christmas hampers. This programme depends on donations from well-wishers and sponsors.

The current S.H.I.P. Committee is, as follows:

Wendy Ann Austin           –           Chair

Beverly Griffith                 –           Secretary/Teacher

Camille Dalton                  –           Treasurer

Anika Smart                      –           Teacher

Rosemary Mathurin         –           Member

Joan Daniel                       –           Matron

Joanne Shurland               –           Principal/ex oficio

Account Name: B.A.H.S. Student Health Intervention Programme
Republic Bank Account No.: 150496953501




This fund was started on January 13, 2011, on the 90th anniversary of the school. The purpose of the fund is to restore and upgrade the physical structure of the school.
In August 2014, the fund was used to pay for repairs on the school compound. Among them, extensive repairs to the roof of the New Building and computer lab, refurbishment of the bathrooms throughout the school and general repainting. The fund has since been depleted considerably, and more work needs to be done.

Account Name: Bishop Anstey High School Restoration/90th Anniversary Fund
Republic Bank Account No.: 290117519801

The Association and the school thank you in advance for your generous contribution!

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